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[IDOL PROJECT] 1st Live Concert "Forever Bloom" Official Merch
  • [IDOL PROJECT] 1st Live Concert "Forever Bloom" Official Merch



    Production kawaii 1st Live Concert in LA
    "Forever Bloom ~Our First Chapter~" Official Merch

    🏟Production kawaii🏟
    Twitter: @kawaiiOfficial5

    🏟1st Generation🏟
    Charlotte Suzu @charsuzu_kawaii
    Isla Coleman @isla_kawaii
    Nene Amano @amanene_kawaii
    Reina Sun @reina_kawaiii

    🏟2nd Generation🏟
    Lua Asuka @LuaAsuka_kawaii
    Namiji Freesia @namiji_kawaii
    Shee Icho @SheeIcho_kawaii

    Forever Bloom Penlight
    Price: 3,500JPY

    Size: 240mm x 30mm
    Specification: 7 colors
    Material: Plastic, Metal, Acrylic

    Forever Bloom Towel
    Price: 2,500JPY

    Size: 110cm
    Material: Cotton

    Forever Bloom A3 Poster
    Price: 2,000JPY

    Size: A3
    Material: Paper

    Forever Bloom Can Badges
    Price: Gen1 (one of each, total of 4) - 1,500 JPY
    Gen2 (one of each, total of 3) - 1,200 JPY

    Size: φ57㎜
    Material: Tin, Paper

    Forever Bloom T-Shirts
    Price: 5,500JPY

    Size: M, L, XL, XXL
    Material: Cotton Cloth

    Forever Bloom A5 Clear Posters
    Price: 1,500JPY ea.

    Size: A5
    Material: PP

    * Actual product may vary from the product image shown.
    * Please note that the shipment may not arrive before the day of the live event depending on the country and region.

      Forever Bloom [Production Kawaii Idol Project]
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