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Ran Tsukiha 10K Celebration 🌒 月蝶蘭1万人記念

Ran Tsukiha 10K Celebration 🌒 月蝶蘭1万人記念



Ran Tsukiha 10K Celebration Voice

🌒 Ran Tsukiha 月蝶蘭
🌒 Ran Tsukiha Ch. 月蝶蘭【kawaii】:
🌒 Twitter:
Product Detail
🌒 Voice Pack Contents:
・Scenario Voice
・Short Voice Pack (13 short voices included!)

File Format: wav.

Short Voice Pack Contents:
・Battle 1
・Battle 2

Please read before purchase
・Please contact our official e-mail,, for the inquiries regarding missing or damaged files.

・We do not accept any refund requests once the transaction has been made.

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