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KGDKT: Isla Coleman has No Limits with her 2nd Original Song Premiere!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kawaii Girls Doing Kawaii Things, the fun blog page for all things kawaii!

I’m your host, Reina Sun! As Production kawaii continues to expand its idoldom, we wanted to start interviewing the idol members before their big shows, channel events, and unit happenings in the company! This is EPISODE DOS….I mean, NI! (Editor’s note: She means 2.)

And todayyy we have…. Ja ja jaaaan! Our dazzling princess, Isla Coleman! She has graced us with another great original song! Here with her new single, “LIMIT”, it’s the coolest of da cool, or should I say COLE, ISLA COLEMAN!


Isla: …d-don’t do that. Also, it’s Isla COOLman.

Pff, whatever.


Isla: Butt Butt Butt. Alright, Butt. You can ask your questions now!

Okay, so this is your second original song. WAAAH~! Tell me, what was your thought process as you were creating this? How is this different from, like, Cinderella Rendezvous for example? And – sorry to pile on the questions here, haha – when you started working on this song, what did it mean to you?

Isla: I wanted to do something different this time when I decided to have my second original song made.

What a lot of Coleknights know about me is that I LUVEY rock music a lot. Cinderella Rendezvous is more cheerful and idol-like and then "LIMIT" is more on rock.

I listen to a lot of Japanese bands and their music really saved me from very hard times, so I wanted to do the same for the people who listen to my song.

Cinderella Rendezvous was more about me, being a tsundere and all, and is just an overall “feel good” kinda song, while "LIMIT" is, I hope, a song that will reach people’s feelings, especially those who are struggling with their own battles.

That’s so inspiring! I really feel like that‘s a beautiful message for everyone to hear.

And I think it’s something everyone can resonate with. I am curious though, how did production compare this second go around? Did you feel more in control, more familiar with the process?

Isla: Compared to Cinderella Rendezvous, I had more personal input on "LIMIT"! From the theme, to the composition, to the lyrics, and finally the art.

My biggest contribution here, aside from the vocals, is definitely the storyboard! I wanted to make sure that the visuals helped in conveying the story of my struggles and how to overcome them.

In Cinderella Rendezvous, I pretty much just gave the production team a vague description/theme for what I want for Cinderella Rendezvous like, “something that will cheer people up!”, and “make it “genki” (cheerful)!”, and let their creativity just flow with those descriptions in mind!

Hmm yeah, I think that's a route that a lot of vocalists make when it comes to music, so making a conscious choice to provide the listeners with a story adds layers to your intention.

Speaking of, artists often put a lot of weight on symbolism within their songs, to present a depth that on the face of things you wouldn’t normally see. Have you put any symbolism in this song for kawaii fans to hone in on? Or is there a message for your fans that you want them to understand?

Isla: Hmmm… I wouldn’t say symbolism in particular, but more of a story that I want to tell the people listening to the song.

As for the message in the story, I want to tell them “Don’t limit yourself! You can do it!” because those are the words I would want to hear from someone when I’m going through times where I feel hopeless and unable to bounce back.

So with that, I decided that I really want to pour all my feelings into creating this song even in the smallest details. I want people to break their own limits and hope that this song will help them realize that they too can do it.

And how have you felt since you have become an idol with kawaii? Doing music like this must be a dream come true, right?

Isla: Of course! Actually, now that I think about it…Cinderella Rendezvous was released before the Kawaii Idol Project even came to be. Back then, despite being an idol fan, I never thought I would become an idol so this song is the closest to becoming an idol…kinda. Hahaha! And yeah, now that we’re idols, making music still feels like a dream to me like… THIS is what I wanna do!

What’s your next plan or project coming up? What’s next for Isla Coleman? What do you see happening for kawaii?

Isla: There’s a lot that I can’t disclose yet so… it’s a secret! One thing’s for sure: there’s gonna be more coming from here on out! After all, the sky’s the LIMIT!

CUTE! Isla, I know you can't say it back without dying inside but just know I love you so so much. No matter what endeavor you do, I’ll be cheering you on. All of the girls here are so proud of you for not just your voice (which is amazing) but the strength of your character and your heart. I look forward to making even more memories with you here, with kawaii! WOOHOO!

Isla: Thank you Reina, and thank you for having me here on Kawaii Girls Doing Kawaii Things!!! And thank you to everyone who took the time to read this article too~! OTSUUISLA~!

This was Kawaii Girls Doing Kawaii things! Signing off until next time. Make sure to listen to Isla's newest single , "LIMIT" if you haven't yet butt! Take care! Otsuislaaa~!!

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