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Hiyori Mokami

A magical bard of the ancient Mokami Clan of wolves, Hiyori is a caretaker of wishes from a watery realm between worlds. While her duty to her Clan has always been priority, a magical mishap leads her to a new world filled with rolling prairies, sunny skies and funny people with…no fluffy tails?! (ʘᗩʘ') Captivated by the mysterious people of Earth, Hiyori discovered that she could bring together the lonely hearts of humans through stories and her magic songs. Balancing a life of family responsibility and following her passions, everyday she writes her tale with hope and joy to inspire others to make their wishes reality! Though she might be a bit clumsy at times, her cheerful charisma and silly bardic songs will surely charm you!

"Kawoo-hiyo! Howling a song from my heart to yours! Let’s sing a story to remember!" 

Forever Bloom [Production Kawaii Idol Project]
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