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Idol Project

In April of 2022, Production kawaii celebrated its one year anniversary with the announcement of our Idol Project. Since then, Production kawaii raised money through Kickstarter and with fan support to make our idol dreams come true! Last July, we had our first in person concert in LA. And since then, we've been expanding on the idol project with our ever growing talent roster and exciting upcoming events. Thank you for supporting the dreams of our idols! 


Our First Chapter Was a Success!

Thank you for coming to see our shiny idols perform for the first time ever in Los Angeles, California! The show went perfectly and our talents officially made their idol debuts. There were over 100 in person attendees and 400 virtual attendees! It means the world that we had so many fans come see us!


3D Debuts

When kawaii was first started, we realized our talents all shared a love of music and Japanese idol culture! Given this, we spearheaded our idol project with the goal to have our talents live out their dreams of performing on stage!

Watch their 3D Debuts below!

Forever Bloom [Production Kawaii Idol Project]
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