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Why join "kawaii"?

When it comes to VTubing, Production kawaii is a company that prides itself on going where no other small corporation has gone before. From concerts and live events to meet and greets, what sets us apart is the prioritization of our fan experience. Joining our company means you have a chance to enter the bright world of idols. If you are dedicated, passionate, and engaged in Japanese idol culture, then we are the company for you!

More Perks of Being a "kawaii" Talent

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Joining "kawaii" gives you a starting point where you can attend and table at conventions, hold fan events, and participate in panels!



Skill Improvement Support

Production kawaii is spearheading idol culture, and doing that means we need to support the performance quality of the talents that work so hard to perform. If you should so choose, "kawaii" offers support for honing your skills. Currently, we provide vocal lessons for the talents who choose to join our idol project. By joining our company you will get the option for this perk.

Merchandise & Content Management

By joining this company you are automatically provided with managers for all of your projects, including merchandising, contacting artists, gaming permissions, advertising, stream ideas, assistance with larger scale streaming events, and more!  



High Quality Models

Since the beginning of our founding, kawaii has prided itself on supporting artists fairly and prioritizing model quality. We have many longstanding and positive relationships with top tier artists in the industry, and will always ensure high model quality.



Creative Monetary Support

In kawaii, we want to support you as best as we can. That is why we offer monthly budgets for you to use on song covers, artwork, and clipping content!


Streaming Equipment Assistance

Getting a proper setup for a great quality stream can be difficult, we know! That's why we seek to provide our talents with some monetary assistance towards streaming setups and equipment as needed upon first joining.


Live Concerts

Since beginning our idol project, we have begun expanding our live concert and live show efforts! Joining kawaii means you will get the opportunity to shine on stage if you choose to!

Forever Bloom [Production Kawaii Idol Project]
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