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Kohaku Yumekui

A mysterious, self-proclaimed detective who uses her dream-eating powers to sniff out criminals, Kohaku Yumekui is always on the job! Among all flavors of dreams in this world, the guilty dreams of criminals taste the worst. Striving to rid the world of all 'guilty' dreams, Kohaku challenges herself with multiple unsolved mysteries to sate her appetite for the truth. Nothing tastes sweeter than the dreams of a mind at peace, and Kohaku's on the case to ease your mind and heart through her lighthearted style of VTubing. Would you let this dream-eater lull you to a good night's sleep in exchange for a little taste of your dream?

“Unravelling your mystery.. *sniff* Your dream smells yummy, can I eat it? (✧﹃ ✧)”

Forever Bloom [Production Kawaii Idol Project]
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