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KGDKT: Nene's 1st Solo Live「HEAVENLY ESCAPE」was a success! What's next for Nene Amano?

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Kawaii Girls Doing Kawaii Things, the fun blog page for all things kawaii!

I’m your host for this session, Reina Sun! As Production kawaii continues to expand its idoldom, we wanted to start interviewing the idol members before their big shows, channel events, and unit happenings in the company! We are here with Production kawaii’s number one tenshi Nene Amano. Nene recently performed her very first solo live, “Heavenly Escape” on September 11th.

Thank you for being here, Nenetan!

Nene: Thank youuu Weeeeeeina!!! I’m so happy to be part of this section! Let’s do this!

So Nene, you were practicing really hard for your show. How were you feeling as you prepared? Having a solo concert must be so exciting!

Yes, it was incredible! I’m really happy that the day finally arrived after so much hard work! At the time, I felt like even though I’ve only had from June to prepare, the amount of effort that was put in feels like a whole year. I’m really happy that Cloudtomos were able to enjoy such a special and magical moment with me. We’re real idols da yo, let’s gooooo!!!

Wow, now that you mention it. Isn’t it a bit crazy to think that all of the kawaii girls are idols now? Did you ever imagine when you first joined kawaii that everything would lead to such a beautiful moment for you? How does it feel to be an idol?

It’s super crazy! No, not at all! I did music as a kid, and also some singing, but I didn’t expect to be doing it as part of my career now!

It's absolutely insane!! What do you think is next for you? What's next for kawaii?

Honestly, I really see us doing a lot more shows in the future! It would be great to have more subunits, more concerts, more more more!!



Just kidding! Well, you know Nene I think all of the girls kind of resonate with that feeling. We're super excited to do more more more. And there will be! And seeing you on stage really filled all of us with so much happiness. We were (and are, of course) super proud of you for always doing your best!

Ahhhhhhh~ Weina thank youuuuuu!!!!!!

Of course, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed as our very first guest on KGDKT! This was Kawaii Girls Doing Kawaii Things, signing off until the next big moment for kawaii's idols! Byeeeee!

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